Published on January 28th, 2011 | by Paul Morris


Mr Messy

I like MR Men.

The Hargreaves bunch entertain my 11 month old son in the early hours of the morning (Milkshake; Channel 5) whilst I try to sleep (and he crawls over me/ thumps me in the face).

As a result of my Mr Men love, I was inspired to use my second favourite Hargreaves character, Mr Messy, as a visual ode to online marketing.

As you can see from the above image, an individual searches and then converts.

There are however lots of touch points in the meat of that conversion sandwich.

Whilst the individual might start their journey on Google by clicking on a paid or natural link; the consumer is likely to have several further touch points (including several more for ppc & seo alone) before eventually converting to an enquiry/ subscription/ lead/ sale.

This customer journey can be messy without the right tracking solution in place and whilst, generally, Google analytics cuts the mustard; to truly understand the customer journey and engage in multiclick attribution you will require a solution such as Search Ignite or Double Click.

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