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Published on May 20th, 2011 | by Paul Morris


SAScon 2011 SEO tools

    After just getting back from a good 2 day SAScon (Search Analytics Social conference) I have decided to put pen to paper on Search Muse before I forget everything.

    Whilst I might not have digested a plethora of new SEO techniques it is good to know I’m ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and I did find several new tools to have a play with.

    As a result I will now list a compendium of SAScon SEO geek tools from the obvious e.g. Majestic to the not so obvious e.g. wirify.com

    Competitor link analysis – majesticseo.com , opensiteexplorer.org , siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com , blekko.com (for an explanation visit goo.gl/6VaR ) and backlinks.in/ (for a nice quick way of checking inbound links)

    wirify.com – A bookmarklet that lets you turn any website into a wireframe in one click

    tagcrowd.com or wordle.net for beautiful tag clouds (check the advanced settings in wordle for some great word weighting possibilities)

    analyticsseo.com – seo insights software

    goo.gl/Y9Asf – Analyse whether the analytics tracking code has been set up correctly on sites you visit

    google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en – check your own site SEO

    tools.davidnaylor.co.uk/keyworddensity – keyword density tool

    google.com/insights/search/# & google.com/trends – Google insights and trends

    redflymarketing.com/internet-marketing-tools/google-global – Google global allows you to see what Google search results look like in different countries

    raventools.com a relatively expensive but useful grouping of seo tools

    geositemapgenerator.com – Easy local optimisation tool

    getlisted.org – See where you are listed locally

    quirk.biz/searchstatus – nice SEO toolbar

    home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html - Identifies broken links

    clicktale.com – addictive and relatively cheap website heatmap research

    google.com/websiteoptimizer - Slightly unrelated but worth mentioning to convert the SEO traffic you worked so hard to obtain

    browsershots.org - view how your website is seen in every browser version known to man

    quixapp.com – Bookmarklet that is essentially an easy to use/ on steroids version of google advanced search operator queries

    goo.gl/ncd9N – Google advanced search operator queries

    code.google.com/speed/page-speed - Google page speed analyser

    tools.pingdom.com – Detailed load speed testing/ what is slowing your site down?

    spriteme.org - Sprite me allows for css sprite creation i.e. one file with lots of small images = faster load times

    seomoz.org – A host of seo tools and a nice toolbar

    qwerly.com – Find connected accounts e.g. useful if you need to get in touch with someone for link acquisition but they are ignoring/ not receiving your  emails (and you could also use websiteneighbors.com/ for similar detective work)

    taforum.org – Trade association forum e.g. to obtain trade body in bound links

    crowdflower.com – Crowd sourcing e.g. could aid link acquisition

    uk.toluna.com – A website survey company e.g. could aid link bait

    uksponsorship.com – Find companies seeking sponsorship e.g. could aid link acquisition

    journalisted.com – Find journalists e.g. for getting content out there dude

    Keyword Research – semrush.com , spyfu.com , wordtracker.com and adwords.google.co.uk/select/KeywordToolExternal

    Radian6.com – Now that SEO and social media are merging you need a good management/ monitoring tool (if you are looking for a significantly slimmed down/ free version I quite like addictomatic.com/ )

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