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HINGE for Digital Transformation

I studied a mini MBA in Digital Innovation this year and have been introduced to a solid project planning pattern for digital transformation from the professors (Heinze A; Griffiths M; Fenton A; Fletcher G – 2018).

The HINGE digital transformation project plan follows 5 broad stages: Horizon scanning, Internal Audit, New models, Gap Analysis & Evaluation of options.

I have a paper on this subject and do not plan to cover it in detail however will summarise the key points of HINGE below:

Horizon scanning – evaluation of the external environment.

Internal audit – technical skills, products, services and technological infrastructure.

New models – New business models such as subscription, IOT, digital specific products and services are developed

Gap analysis – Evaluation of current and future digital business maturity stages as well as business models are identified and plans made to bridge/ maximise.

Evaluation of options – Strategy and feasibility testing against business priorities are developed that then moves on to more specific cost/benefit analysis.

…Then implement, transform and Iterate!

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